Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Antique Cedar

What was it that Frost said? I want to be a climber of trees or was it a swinger? That last option doesn’t sound so good does it? Anyway I am a tree lover. And one of my favorites is pictured here. This is an old cedar that is located on the top of the hill here on the Griffis Place. If what everyone tells me is correct, it must be a couple hundred years old. Mom said that her grandmother Carrie talked about the days when visitors would hitch their wagons and or horses to this old cedar tree. And I do remember seeing horseshoes buried into the side of the tree when I was little. During these recent droughts, it hasn’t done very well. I remember a couple ice storms that split it during my life. All in all I think it’s stood the test of time well. I love the old cedar.
Send me photos of your favorite tree.

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  1. The top pic is great, the hint of color in the back tries to fool you into thinking there is a rainbow.. great shots!