Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Inlet Road

"The Inlet Road" 18"x24" Oil on panel
I have been working on this painting on and off for the last few months. It's was inspired by other coastal artists and from a trip to an old plantation site below Charleston. Interested in this painting or any others email me:
More to come. (Got a painting to share? Email me.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Human Form with Bonnie Goldberg

"La Danseuse II" by Bonnie Goldberg
mixed media on canvas 30" x 24" $1500

Contact Bonnie directly via email:

To see more of Bonnie's art or learn about the artist you should visit her website: Bonnie's colorful site has pages of her creations where you can click on a thumbnail version and see them enlarged. Bonnie paints here in Columbia, South Carolina from her studio and participates in the "About Face" painting group at the Columbia Museum of Art.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oils by Rob Shaw

"Hunting Beach" 16x12 By Rob Shaw
Oil on canvas, framed & ready to hang $275

"Wish you were here" 16x12 By Rob Shaw
Oil on canvas, framed & ready to hang $275

Rob is one of my favorite South Carolina artists. Contact him directly if you are interested in either painting.

Phone: 803-665-2440 Email:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Watercolors by Rachel Parker

"Zebra Contours" 20"x 20" by Rachel Parker
Contact: or visit her blog:

Art Showing at Habitat for Humanity Expo

"Turf" by Andy Corley

For local artists wanting to participate in the Habitat for Humanity's Expo coming up, I have pasted below the information sent from Jennifer Bridges. She's the contact person for this Expo. I am told that this Expo receives a lot of attention and the potential for art sales is great. Happy Painting,

See below:

Good Morning HeArtists, This is just a reminder to anyone that is wanting to put art into the Expo next weekend that I need your art pieces (up to 3 pieces) brought to the store by next Wednesday, August 17th. I extended the deadline so that to help some folks out that needed more time. It’s a great opportunity to make some extra money so please let me know as soon as possible if you’re interested. Any further questions, feel free to email or call me. We look forward to hearing from you guys! If you have already entered pieces for the Expo, please disregard this message J Jennifer Bridges Office Supervisor CSC Habitat for Humanity ReStore483 Sunset Blvd West Columbia, SC 29169

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Missing an ear this morning

18x24" Oil on Canvas by Andy Corley

Hello and happy creating to all. Here is my interpretation of a Van Gogh painting that we attempted this past week. In class Tuesday, I think everyone was just sick when we realized that we had spent already 1.5 hours just on the sky. So I brought it home unfinished and painted this past week little by little. Now I really like it. I particularly enjoyed playing with all the different tones of blue and green - my favorite colors. Well I hope you like this one. Can't wait to see your own creations. Send me an email to so I can share your art. Think I might do another one in this similar Van Gogh-type style.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A couple recent additions to my collection

Gearing-up for summer painting and I wanted to share a couple new pieces that I recently came across. I saw this plantation scene at Havens in Columbia and had to purchase it. I don't think Rob Shaw wanted to get rid of this painting, so I snatched it up before he could think twice about it. I love the greens and the plantation house.

The second one was given to my by Garwood Mills. I love her soft style and twisted her arm into exchanging a piece with me. This is the treasure that I received from our exchange. Both of these I have within close view in my study room. As soon as I have decided I'll find special places for both of these.

Now that my summer has officially started I can't wait to get painting. Got some artwork you'd like to share? Send it to and I'll showcase it. Happy creating!

An old plantation scene by Rob Shaw. I love the shades of green and the boardwalk takes you right into the house.

A Tuscan scene by Garwood Mills. The colors are so beautiful. She has the softest touch. I've told her before that her paintings have a dream-like quality about them.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Help me with a title

"Help me with the title" 14X18" Oil

Here is a painting I finished earlier this week. I'm trying to see how impressionistic I can quote a friend. Spring has had it's effects on me this year and during the recent break I've just been painting as much as possible while trying to keep ahead with work and studies. I hope someone likes this painting, I had my doubts about it but it's growing on me. I'm trying to "let go" a little. It's hard to let go with painting. Any suggestions for a title on this one? Let me know.

PS- send me you art work via digital photo to my email if you'd like me to show it. here is my email address:

Chau, more to come.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Re-doing the Hunting Island Painting

Last night I painted again with the group at Havens Frame and Gallery and the resident artist Rob Shaw. We did a painting that I had done back in 2009 and sold. At first I was a little hesitant to do the same painting again, but I was happy that I did. It was great to be back in the studio with Rob again and painting that scene again produced a while new version on that painting and a gave me a worthwhile experience. I'll be doing multiple copies of paintings more often. Besides who doesn't love palmetto trees? I don't think I've got it quite perfect yet, but everytime I paint them I find it gets easier. Wonder what it's like doing a palmetto for Rob, who says he's done this painting many many times over? Practice makes perfect I guess.

Just to be back around other artists, to talk about colors and textures and other tactics, it was a great experience and fired me up to do some more painting. I also saw my friend Garwood doing a painting of a porch scene. It was very impressionistic and I told her it looked like a dream or a memory. I can't wait to get my hands on that piece and either buy it or share it on this blog.

Included here is a photo of the second version of my Hunting Island painting that we did together.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Intimate Evening with Bonnie Goldberg Thursday 1/6/11

I'm happy to announce an event this coming Thursday evening with South Carolina artist, Bonnie Goldberg. This event will run from 6pm-9pm.

More items from 2010

If anything catches your eye, let me know. I've got something totally different in the works right now. Hope to share that before the spring semester gets underway at USC. Stay in touch! I hope to be painting with Rob Shaw in January, depending on my schedule. I'm sure Rob would love for you to come join in.

PS - Send me fotos of your own work, plus descriptions and pricing information to my new email:, I'll be happy to post your work. Have an idea for an article? Send it to me.