Friday, December 11, 2009


Up early today heading to Columbia to finish giving final exams for the fall semester, I noticed the sun was peaking through already at about 6:10am. There was this huge purple cloud blocking the sun but peaking through in many shades I could see it rising. Somehow at 6am it didn't seem so cold, but later today around noon I was outside speaking with a couple colleagues and it was truly frigid.

Talking to my fellow colleague and close confidant Professor Leah L. Miller at USC today, the subject of painting and art came up again. She confessed that she really liked a painting that I did recently of Gervais Street looking up from the river... I guess nowadays we'd call it "The Vista". Leah also added that she had recently been looking for art from locals and by people whom she knows.... simply because it means more to her. Here's a good suggestion: some good buys on art and antiques can be found on Saturday mornings in Columbia at some of the flea markets and antique malls around town.

Well I've decided to do another version of a painting that I already did earlier this year. I think this time I'll include less vegetation and emphasize the buildings and the street of the Vista. The above photo is one of said paintings inspired by local artist Rob Shaw. Rob has been a real inspiration over the past year. I'll tell you more about him and his work later on. He's the resident artist at Haven's Frame and Art Gallery. You can check out his award-winning art and information on classes at "". Leah, your request is one of my projects intended for the Christmas break.

Oh by the way, has anyone noticed those nice yellow trees on the Capitol grounds? Are they gingkos or what? I mean the Christmas tree is beautiful there, but with that blanket of yellows behind it, who can resist staring while stopped at the corner of Main and Gervais. Yummy. I was in a trance this morning when the light turned green on me and there I sat gazing at the trees... honk honk someone behind me was just being pushy. Come on folks, stop and soak up some of the really beautiful things around us!

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