Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crooked Run

Crooked Run is a small tributary that runs around the whole of my folks' place here in Edgefield. Most people up around here call it the "old Griffis place". Crooked Run spills into a larger creek called Turkey Creek. Turkey Creek joins up with Stevens Creek and eventually empties into the Savannah River over there in the North Augusta area. Anyway Crooked Run is a favorite place for the dogs to visit. So instead of grading more papers this morning, I took Lily for a long walk along the banks of the creek in case we were rained-in this afternoon. Thought some of you might enjoy looking at some of the views here on the old folks' place. And Pat Conroy thinks that the "low country" is something special. Well the ridge and foothills regions are just as special. I'll show him one day!

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