Thursday, December 10, 2009

An invitation to this adventure

2009 was a very important year in my life as a budding artist. I even hesitate to call myself an artist, except now I can truly say that I have been paid the ultimate compliment for any artist... I was paid for a couple of my paintings this year. As exciting as this is for any artist... a novelist, a poet, a chef, a photographer or in my case a painter, the first time anyone is actually paid for doing something that they enjoy doing can be a very spiritual and moving experience.

So in order to share a bit of my experience as an artist I have created this blog. Firstly though I wanted to create a outlet for my rambling observations as an artist/art-follower. You know, the things that pop into my mind as I drive to work and home. How the tops of the trees look like skeletan hands reaching-up into a richly colored sunset or how there seem to appear a million grades of blue in an early morning sunrise, my encounters at the art-supply store, or my experiences in working with other artists. Secondly I wanted a place of my own to showcase some of my paintings and ongoing projects in oils and watercolors.
Lastly, I have so much going on upstairs that this is almost therapy for me. I hope that there will be a few folks out there somewhere that will follow, comment and share with my adventure. Send me your fotos of art work... whatever creative things you've done and I will post it on the blog for all to see and comment. Like me, this is a work in progress. I'm learning as I go. TTYL Andy.

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