Saturday, May 7, 2011

A couple recent additions to my collection

Gearing-up for summer painting and I wanted to share a couple new pieces that I recently came across. I saw this plantation scene at Havens in Columbia and had to purchase it. I don't think Rob Shaw wanted to get rid of this painting, so I snatched it up before he could think twice about it. I love the greens and the plantation house.

The second one was given to my by Garwood Mills. I love her soft style and twisted her arm into exchanging a piece with me. This is the treasure that I received from our exchange. Both of these I have within close view in my study room. As soon as I have decided I'll find special places for both of these.

Now that my summer has officially started I can't wait to get painting. Got some artwork you'd like to share? Send it to and I'll showcase it. Happy creating!

An old plantation scene by Rob Shaw. I love the shades of green and the boardwalk takes you right into the house.

A Tuscan scene by Garwood Mills. The colors are so beautiful. She has the softest touch. I've told her before that her paintings have a dream-like quality about them.

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