Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gone crabbin'

This year we have had some record cold weather here in South Carolina. I think I even heard this week that it was about 20 degrees in the Florida Keys. This is uncalled for and unappreciated cold weather without even a dusting of snow. When it’s cold outside I always enjoy looking at landscapes that take me to a warmer place. I heard a friend once say that she was a happy artist if she could be painting green trees and water, and I agree. I find joy in painting green, warm scenes that are native to my state. The painting below takes me out into the marsh from an old low-country plantation. The month would be May or June and I imagine the smells of the marsh and salt of the sea. I’m heading out to the end of the pier to drop a chicken neck down a long line into the water and sip on some sweet iced-tea while waiting on the crabs to nibble.

Gone crabbin' 14x18 Oil

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