Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Edgefield Artist and Leader Pamela Moore: Part II

Edgefield is lucky to have the very talented Pamela Moore as a local artist, merchant and leader in several organizations including ERA the local artists' association as well as ECDA, Edgefield's Merchant Association.
Pamela Moore has studied art and art history in Mannheim/Heidelberg,Germany as well as in France and Italy. Before moving to Edgefield, Pamela worked as Master Artist for Habersham Fine Furniture and now she owns Paperwhites along with her partner JoAnn Amos. Their beautiful store is located on Courthouse Square in Edgefield.

It's a pleasure to highlight several of her other recent works, apart from the beautiful wardrobe that I showed in my previous blog entry.
Again, you can contact this Edgefield artist at her website www.artazure.com or catch her in Paperwhites.

Be on the lookout for a show coming up soon in February at Paperwhites here in Edgefield, showcasing Pamela's art as well as a couple pieces of my own. It's exciting to be working with other local artists and Pam has been really gracious in opening up her store and gallery space to me. Here's to a lot of great art events, shows, projects and culture coming to Edgefield !

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  1. Pamela is a very good old friend of mine from our timea at the academy in Mannheim, Germany. We had lost contact for many years and have been lucky to find her again through facebook.

    Gert W. Knop
    now Zittau/Germany