Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pawley's Island & sea oats: a summer daydream

"Pawley's Island"
18x14" Oil $100.00 (unframed)
Telephone: 803-336-8477
Will be on display/sale soon at Paperwhites on Courthouse Square in Edgefield, SC.

Check out some of my other, recent paintings there as well.

This painting of sea oats and palmetto trees reflects my recent thoughts about the beach and the ocean. Inspired by a view of Pawley's Isand, this painting portrays the view coming up from the ocean into the dunes and the natural vegetation found along the dunes. During June I have been commuting between Columbia and Edgefield almost daily with teaching and a graduate class which I'm taking. So sadly, there has been no time to drive down to the coast. I guess the next best thing is a mental trip via painting.

I lived in Miami for eight years near the water and beaches. My last place of residence there was on Brickell Avenue. I was right on the edge of Biscayne Bay. So these recent years when I am land-locked, my heart calls me back to the ocean. The incredible vegetation and unique ecosystems along the border between land and ocean fascinate me. South Carolina offers some incredible coastal scene as well. I hear Georgia has some wonderful barrier islands as well. Be sure to email me any great shots of South Carolina and Georgia coastal scenes:
More to come.

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