Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rob Shaw

Let's see, have I ever mentioned what great work Rob Shaw does? Haha. Rob is certainly a big mentor of mine when it comes to oil painting.

I asked Rob to send me some digital versions of a couple of his recent pieces. In case you don't know by now Rob is the Artist in Residence at Havens Framemakers and Gallery they are located at 1616 Gervais Street Columbia, SC 29201. I recommend that you stop by the gallery and see what Rob Shaw and Jackie Vasquez are up to. If they aren't busy framing, then they're painting. They always have lots of great art hanging every time I go in there.

Rob has a new 5 week art course gearing-up tonight. Meanwhile check out the two beauties he's sent me to share with everyone.

** Rob tell your students to send me their artwork to share online. Just email me a digital photo. I'm on a mission here to spotlight South Carolina Artists and their work. Keep it coming!


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